Sunday, June 3, 2012



Equipment in 52 comes in 3 types: Weapons, devices and vehicles.

Weapons are divided into melee and ranged. Melee and ranged weapons are further divided into Light, Medium and Heavy categories. 

Light weapons add a +1 to damage, Medium a +2 and Heavy a +3. Some weapons may also have additional abilities noted in their description. 

Devices are often required to accomplish certain Skill tests. Some devices give a bonus, typically ranging from +2 to +5, on relevant Skill Tests.

Vehicles have a Health rating and a Speed rating. Vehicles do not take penalties for the first 1/3 of their Health that is depleated, but beyond that confer to the Driver a -1 on the relevant piloting skill for each additional level lost.

Speed denoted how many rounds a vehicles gains on an opponent in a chase when they win the relevant opposed test. 

Light Vehicles have a Health Rating of 15 and a Speed of 3. 

Examples of light vehicles include horses and motorcycles. 

Medium Vehicles have a Health Rating of 30 and a speed of 2. 

Cars and Trucks are Medium vehicles. 

Heavy Vehicles have a Health Rating of 60 and a Speed of 1.

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