Sunday, June 3, 2012

Character Creation

Character Creation

Step 1: Prioritize Skill Suits: Player assigns a face card value to each skill suit. Player gets one face card of each value and may assign them as they see fit.

Step 2: Shuffle a single deck of playing cards with no Jokers. The player is dealt 4 cards for their Ace Suit, 3 cards for their King Suit, 2 cards for their Queen suit and 1 card for their Jack suit. Each card must be used on a different skill. No skill rating can ever be higher than 10 + the number of sessions played in the campaign. 

Face cards and specialization: Face cards count as 10 when assigned to a skill at character creation, however they also give the player the option to specialize in that skill. When specializing the character chooses a more specific application of the skill, such as Running when specializing in Athletics, Balance when specializing in Acrobatics, or a particular weapon when specializing in Melee or Ranged Attack. The character gains special benefits when using a specialized skill in tests, which will be explained later.

Step 3: Special Abilities: At creation a character may take 2 Jack level special abilities from their Ace suit and 1 Jack level special ability from their King Suit.

Character Sheet

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